Suikoden III



Futch is my favorite Suikoden character ever. Period. My sister, KurohaneShizumi, is making it for me. I helped with the sword. XD

Here's the long list of specifics:

★ Cardboard, spray paint, PVC pleather, tacky glue, craft wire, and ribbon.
★ Took 8 hours mainly because of waiting for tacky glue and paint to dry.

★ Clover-L in color 6. Cut and styled.
★ 2 hours.

★ Semi-sheer fabric. Simple square. Double stitched. Handstitched first hem, machine straight-stitched second.
★ Took 7 hours due to handstitching.

★ Simple cotton fabric. Made pattern from a tank top.
★ 7 hours to make the pattern and pin and sew.

★ Strip of leftover fabric from tunic.
★ No time; no hem work.

Light Body Armor:
★ Black vinyl with black cotton trim. 6 1" buckles; 3 on either side with 12 rivets and strips of cotton.
★ Vinyl is cut. Trim is black cotton sewn over. Buckles from eJoyce. Rivets and setter kit from Micheal's. 20 hours.

Shoulder Armor:
★ Sculpey, epoxy, spray paint. Two 1" buckles (either side), black cotton, two rivets to connect to light body armor, hot glue to connect to piece, and Velcro to keep it in place.
★ 2.5 hours between shaping and baking process of Sculpey. Buckles took 1 hour to make. Painting took 1 hour. 1 hour to sew belt straps that connect to body armor, set rivets, and hot glue the other side of the belts to the armor. Velcro is placed between the body and shoulder armor for extra stability.

Grey Belt Sash:
★ Grey broadcloth fabric. Simple rectangle. 10 rivets to make belt loops. Velcro to keep in place.
★ Fabric is cut and hemmed. Velcro is started. Belt loops and rivets are installed. 6 hours.

Waist Belt:
★ 2.5" buckle, black vinyl.
★ 1 hour.

Strap Belt:
★ 11 strips of black vinyl and 11 nailheads sewn to grey belt sash.
★ Vinyl is cut. Straps are done. 12 hours. Sewn to grey sash.

★ Handstitched brown vinyl from self-made pattern. Stretchy light brown cotton for straps, left over black cotton fabric for top fold-over.
★ Sewing the gloves took 6 hours. Fold-overs and light brown straps took 1 hour to make.

★ Black Dickies.
★ Ordered from Dickies.com. Fitted. 30 minutes.

★ Bought Captain-100 Men's Boot from Cosworx, leftover grey fabric for fold-overs, left over tunic fabric for straps.
★ Blue straps simply hemmed and tied in place. Grey fold-overs have elastic that attach to the leg and are removable. 4 hours total.

Sword Belt:
★ Spray painted PVC pleather for end design, two nailheads, black vinyl, 2 buckles, saudering wire, scrap black cotton and lots of hotglue.
★ 10 hours.

★ Actual claymore, two thin sheets of wood to extend sheath, Sculpey for bone crossguard and pommel, wood for connector to hilt and crossguard, spray paint, grey broadcloth to wrap hilt and sheath, straps of black vinyl to wrap grey wrap of sheath.
★ Sculpey bone guards took 2.5 hours to shape and bake. Wood hilt and connector piece took 1 hour to complete. Pommel took 30 minutes to make and an hour and a half to bake. Pommel, hilt, connector and crossgaurd spray painted; 1 hour. Hilt is wrapped with leftover grey broadcloth; 30 minutes. Wrap is simple grey broad cloth and black cotton strips for ties.

Total cost (so far): $146
Total time (so far): 97 hours


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