SapphireChaos as Child Riku

Child Riku

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Cosplayer: SapphireChaos
I think Riku is just adorable as a little kid ^^

Shirt: First thing I've ever sewn from scratch. It's far from perfect, but I'm so proud of it ^^ Made of yellow fabric, blue bias tape, and Mighty Mendit (that stuff is a miracle! lol)

Pants: Good Sam's

Shoes: Some old tennis shoes I had that I painted with acrylic paints then sealed with matte Mod Podge. However, the paint is starting to chip so I may repaint them with exterior paint.

Wristbands: White sport wristbands that I tried to dye blue but ended up having to hand-color with a Sharpie, and used hair ties as the yellow bands. Unfortunately, they turn my wrists blue O_O So I will need to get some new ones.

Wig: Ebay, cut and styled by me