Hetalia: Axis Powers



I wanted to make this outfit as accurate to the time as possible, so this is actually a WWII replica uniform that I have purchased various real or replica insignia, buttons and belts for. Aside from the fact that my uniform (apparently) buttons up the wrong side, everything I have is accurate to the WWII time period.

Well, also my shoes, but they're dead sexy, so I forgive them.


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character England


Stargirl You are officially my favorite England, ever. Nicely done!

Dacia you just might be my fav Iggy ever =D Iggy suits you very nicely ^^

Dadderface I totally remember seeing you in this at acen! I'm pretty certain I asked you about the appeal of hetalia. Anyways, wonderfully accurate job! Looks great!