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SO.. im going to be doin a recently new dream costume and i think THE most difficult by far! Lucia... Fuuka's Persona. At first i was thinking that it would be SOOO hardcore if i was able to make the dome thing big enough to have some fit inside but that was WAAAYYYYYY too technical XD! so "normal" size works for me. One of my friends wanted to be Fuuka so im UBER excited cause she'll have her persona XD. Im trying to get a group together but if that doesnt work out, its cool! Im just pumped to do the costume!

*I've been... rather lazy. I had to start the dome construction over (the construction paper kinda died) so i have to reconstruct to dome over, and its been really time consuming. so i MIGHT NOT have it done by MegaCon, ill just have to see

DRESS: 0% done
DOME: 2%
SHIRT: 100%


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Series Persona 3
Character Lucia
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kikuyo omg that's amazing! I can't wait to see you in that costume. ur cosplays are always amazing. OwO I love how we always cosplay similar stuff for the most part by accident. XD first emil then the sould eater thing now persona 3.

kikuyo btw lol my friends and I are doing a persona group for megacon saturday :D I'm Junpei, and we have a minato, hikari, mitsuru, akihiko, and maybe a fuuka and the creepy bed room boy lol

TeamAquaSuicune Looking forward to seeing this! <3


kikuyo omfg no freakin way! *praises* I can't wait to see it!!