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This was a little bit of a rush job.
I was tinkering with my mermaid design when I spoke to DianA-sama ( on an event. There she told me she was making a mermaid, and I went all ballistic with: Zomg!! I'm making a mermaid toooo!! And she went like: Zomg x2!! why don't we make mermaids together!!!?
Yes, it was the ultimate girly moment! XD. Within 1,5 weeks we finished our mermaid tails, tops and accessories, just in time for the shoot we planned with the awesome Mirjam Muller ( Diana made an awesome Barbie-pink mermaid with cute ears, and I went for a turqoise-gold mermaid. So we looked very colorful together!
I took an old strapless bra and painted it it looked like old bronze. Put gold antiqued netting over it and decorated the top with sea-shells, beads, sequins and pearls.
The tail was made out of latex (top piece) and silicone (the flipper).
The armband and tiara were made out of the same beads, sequins and shells that I used for the bra.

I'm planning on making a few more alterations on it. The flipper wasn't sturdy enough to resist the water and wind that day (at some point it was more of a kite! lol!).

The shoot was awesome: we had the last sunny day of october I think. The wind was very cold though, but we are die-hard cosplayers so we made it true the day! (even with when our stuff was washed away because of the rising tide) XD. Can't wait to work with this team again. It was so much fun! Best team ever!

Incredible funny thing: DianA-sama discovered that we were featured in 2 newspapers with this shoot! Apparently somebody took a pic of us and send it to a local and national fun is that! Good thing Diana kept her mer-eyes wide open!


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Character Mermaid - Treasaria


Chocobo chic i have always wanted to make a mermaid costume and do an underwater shoot . Maybe for my next crazy project... U look so beautiful , im inspired now xD

carladawn So beautiful!! I love how this turned out!!