Togainu No Chi



I love Togainu no chi <333
It is my absolute favorite game <3

so I had to cosplay it, first I wanted to cosplay shiki, but my akira is way taller than me uù
so I cosplayed Rin *__* I really love him
he is so cute <33333~

The costume itself was not that difficult but the belt &gt; <


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Created 11 years ago
Series Togainu No Chi
Character Rin


mugechi Oh I didn't know you did Rin first!Very pretty, but Shiki suits you more I think

Aya Ura funny . . because you are shorter than Akira and goku,, but you're so amazing, than other . . . . . . very amazing!!! wow!! so perfect, amazing, and cool!! XXXXXXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!