Tsukuda Mina

Getsumento Heiki Mina

Reason for choosing this cosplay: I was thinking... who is a character in anime that 50 million people don't cosplay, but at the same time easy to make and EXTREMELY unique... Tsukuda Mina!!!! No one watches Getsumen To Heiki Mina as far as I'm concerned, and Mina is just the most adorable thing ever! I've never seen anyone cosplay as Tsukuda Mina in the US so this gives me a chance to be one of those rare cosplayers xD The outfit is extremely easy to make, it's just the accessories that will take a bit of time. I'm so excited xD Once I make it, I plan to wear it throughout 2009 :3

Start Date: Roughly around December 2008
End Date: June 2009

Rough Price List:
$4 for construction paper [ears + belt]
$3 for velcro [to attach carrots to belt]
$3 for ribbons [for boots]
$2 for blue cloth for belt... that i ended up not using q_q;
$3 for stuffing [for carrots]
$2 for head band
$5 for gloves
$5 for linen napkins [for boots]
$10 for fabric and more stuffing[for carrots]
$20 for skirt
$20 for boots
Total: around $77-$80 x___x

Hardest part:

1) THE CARROTS. I HAND SEWED them with my boyfriend and it'd take HOURS to make them q_q; Not only was sewing the carrots hard, but attaching them to my ass was just as hard Q_Q i tried sewing them to my skirt, but as soon as I stood up, the carrots pulled my skirt down q___q I tried attaching it to my construction paper belt but it ripped every time i stood up. So i decided to attach construction paper to a real belt and it works like a charm ;D

2) FINDING THE BOOTS. Where the hell do you find turquoise blue boots? No one sells them q__q!! Ever since December, i've looked into EVERY single shoe store I could find... still none. So I decided "Why not white boots? those might be easier to find~" ...sike. Those were just are hard to find as blue boots. Right before I was about to order them online, i found the PERFECT blue boots in the ...garden section... of Target. $20 was not a bad price, considering i've been searching in and out for 6 MONTHS.

3) THE BELT. Initially, I made the belt out of construction paper. Bad idea, cuz the carrots were so heavy the belt would break every time i stood up. Took me a hell of a long time to find a thick light blue belt, but i couldn't find a blue belt that was good... cuz they were all dark blue or the wrong kind of blue. So I just attached construction paper to my boots :P

Easiest Part:
1) Putting together the top and the skirt was really easy. It's the accessories that we a pain in the ass XD

2) Making the ears :] It was just cut and paste with construction and Styrofoam paper <3

Hours spent on costume: ...too many to count.
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