Kurenai Yuuhi




My first cos ever. And I think I somewhat underestimated the work it will cause. Still I'm SO happy it turned out good! It was so much fun wearing the cos, I'll definetely do more cosplays.


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Created 13 years ago
Series Naruto
Character Kurenai Yuuhi


MissDeidara Wow, you did a really good job. ^^ I want to make a Kurenai cosplay too but i'm not sure...Because i know it's not a very popular character! Can you tell me how was it to cosplay her? If you have something that can help to take my choice... It would be very nice. Thx! ^^ (Sorry i'm frech so, my english is not perfect ^^''')

Aera Thanks a lot for all your comments ^^ I'm really happy this cos still receives so much positive responses. Wemustdisco: uhm well, actually it's just what you see~ The dress is made of several pieces (I had to make like three or four test-version before I got it right), only sewn loesely together in some places. (like the back and the front where one won't see the stitches), underneath I'm wearing a self made red shirt. And the trousers were a shortened leggings, onto which I sewed these stripes of cloth. There are other ways of doing that cos though. like just painting the stripes onto a dress, or sewing the red sleeve directly to the dress... maybe you should also take a look at other Kurenais as well ^^ Hope this helped a bit :)

wemustdisco gahh! I'm making a kurenai costume and having a bit of trouble. I was wondering how you made it.

white-shade Du bist echt n´ super Kurenai Cosplayer! Bisher die beste, die ich je gesehen hab. Mach weiter so^^

Ina-chan the best kurenai ever XD

xXsubakiXx COOL!!!!