Nightmare w/ Soul Edge

Soulcalibur II



Version 1.0 = ACen 2005
Version 1.5 = AX 2005
Version 1.7 = Ohayo 2006
Version 1.9 = AX 2006, videoshoot #1, Halloween 2007 photoshoot, videoshoot #2

Quick FAQ:
- I did indeed make all this, including Soul Edge.
- I have NO idea how long it took me to make. Over the course of 6 months? while working on a bunch of other projects...
- As of right now, I have not constructed any other Soul Calibur weapons (contrary to many bizarre rumors) - although I do intend to make at least a few more sometime...
- Soul Edge is completely hollow and weighs about 2 lbs. - The only heavy part really is that mutated arm, which breaks my right bicep for about a week after wearing. I have fairly good mobility otherwise.
- Everything is hand-painted in acrylic with tiny little brushes.
- I love Siegfried.


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Series Soulcalibur II
Character Nightmare w/ Soul Edge
Variant 1P


DarkCloudInc Question: How the hell did you transport that costume to AX?

Ryuseieastgate sweeet. this is one of the best costumes ever! bar none, this is like Hollywood quality stuff right here, no it might be even better than that.

warui-shoujo This has got to be the best costume I've seen. Awesome detailing on the sword... that's just crazy!

al-bhed-gurl HOLY FRACKING TITSICLES!!!! *boyfriend and i... die*

Cristal Knight You are pretty much one of the rare awesome nightmares I have ever seen! Your cosplay is so great! And it is also my favourite version of him. Seriously, nice work on everything!

Otaku5 Best Nightmare I've ever seen!!!

Angeal i love your work like wow

RezidentPsyko make me super happy Nightmare fangirls

ShadowCharizard Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.. Excellent!

Cuervo_AOD Oh man I just gotta know! what is the material that you used to make the costumes sword.... Everything?!? i gotta know!

ERINAST Too proud men... congratulations... a real cosplay

Wolfin42 wOW OMG very awsome beast cstume how loing did u work on that sword!

Angeal nice look great job awsome!!!!!!!!!!

Yui I guess when I get asked that kind of thing, I don't know if I'm *supposed* to say I got my sword off a crazy zombified pirate after he burst into flames... or, if I'm supposed to disappoint everyone by saying I just made everything myself, including the sword. ^_^;

uematsu_chick OMG dude,ur amazing.well feckin' done :D

kira20 This outfit is cool where did you find the sword because I'm only interested in the sword and the glove that looks like a claw.