The Matrix



Sorry there weren't more pictures!!
I only truly cosplayed as Neo once and I had the replica glasses... those have since been stolen and now I have replicas of The Twins glasses :P

This was created when I still worked for the movie theater in town. We were actually able to dress up as movie characters for a short period.

The trench is fit specially to me, only a few other people have been able to wear it and button it up. It's also weighted in the bottom to give it more body and swing.

The jacket fits to my form on the top portion and then at the hips at flares out giving it quite an interesting look.
I slicked my hair back... looking at a mirror with a picture of the real Neo at my side so I can match it.
Making it complete I wore black slacks, black dress shoes and bought a pair of Neo replica sunglasses (which were since stolen and are still temporarily replaced with replica's of The Twins glasses)

When worn outside for the hell of it, I just leave it unbuttoned and put the collar down :)


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Series The Matrix
Character Neo
Variant Reloaded/Revolutions


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