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I made the first version back in 2000, but as time started to go by, I saw many things I didn't like. The first thing was that in that time I couldn't find many reference images as there are now.

Well, redoing Ultimecia was really strong in my mind when the WCS (World Cosplay Summit) for Mexico was comng, so, Eva (who already had a magnificient Edea) and I decided to go together as these two elegant sorceresses (too many sssss, hahaha).

Well, I remade almost EVERYTHING!!! The dress was made with a fine likra velvet. A friend of Eva helped with advice on cutting and sewing. The earrings and necklaces were also remade. Getting black nice feathers was a real pain in the neck!!! I only know of one place in Guadalajara where they have decent black feathers and most of the time they were short on them! The frame of the wings are from the first version which was made by me very dear friend Chepo ;) Actually, from the first version, I only used that and the pantyhose (which I had to repaint and Eva helped me with the black spray paint).
Eva helped me on how to place the feathers since she already had the experience from a set of wings she made before for someone else.
But, my real pain in the a.. were the horns!!! Noooooooo. I used "oasis" (that's the green thing which is used for artificial flowers to be stuck into). I had to glue fisrt two big pieces of those cuz there wasn't the actual piece I needed. Then, Eduardo helped me getting the actual size of the horn onto a cardboard. So, Eva and I drew that on the "oasis" and started to carve with a knife. Well, to not make it too long, I covered twice with paper, used plaster, A LOT of sanding, more plaster, more sanding and Eduardo helped me giving the last touch with spray paint.

Oh, I had to remake the gloves too, lost one of the old ones!

Special thanks to Eva for the make-up and being my partner as Edea. Hope to get our photo session soon! Thanks to her for these pics too!

The first pic is my old version :D Just for before and after :D


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Character Ultimecia


Marisol Thanks a lot Neko-Zombie!

Neko-Zombie you make a beautiful ultimecia