Sohma Kagura

Fruits Basket

@Ohtori Kagura


Well, my name is Misaka Kagura. And well, when Takaya-sensei's Fruits Basket came out, I realized Sohma Kagura beared the same name, and amazingly, the similar personality as to mine.

So, it was obvious that Kagura-chan was an ideal character to cosplay. She's lots of fun, and lots of Hatori-sans and Ayame-chans take pictures with me. XD

But...I wanted to personalize Kagura-chan. She was "me" to some odd terms.

So, what I did was I took my Pikachu "Pii-chan" backpack. o^^o And that made things better for me.
My aunt had to help me with the sleeves because I had messed up the first ones, so I need to fix them. But I'm making another Kagura Version 2.0 since I might new a few and I want to experiment.


@Ohtori Kagura
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