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This is my first cosplay, Pit from Super Smash Bros. Brawl :D I debuted it at Jacon 2008, and it was tons-o-fun! It's gone through three revisions since then... how many more will it go through? :3


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Series Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Character Pit


Kartas_Qc Nice Pit ! Your bow is great , you can even change it into the both little sword , '3x'Bravo!''

lilkillerduck Oh hey it's you! I saw you at both Jacon and AFO!! But we never talked XD Anyway, I dig the sword/bow!!!!

Kotoko-Hime Yayz~!! I found yous!!! =3 At AFO, I was teh Miku Hatsune (who's sister kept stalking you with teh Kirby plushie. ^^'' Sorries if it bothered you too much.) Ah, well anyways...you made a super~super ultra~ultra giga~giga awesomely cute Pit!!! I mean, I wanted to squeal everytime you walked by!! But I decided to save it for when I got home. xD You were leik teh bestest Pit I've ever seen in my entire life~! I wish I had gotten more pictures~ I hope to see you at more conventions!! ~Victory ish yours~ =3

PsychoPharaoh Hey! Thanks for the comment; I remember seeing you, too! Every time we passed I pointed you out to my friends, but my camera was always tucked away somewhere so I could never get a picture! Love the costume, though! Maybe I'll see you at AFO.

Dadderface Awesome job, especially for a first cosplay! Kudos to you. The world needs more good Pit costumes like this.