Chrome Dokuro




So I ended up not premiring it at AX 08, instead it was premired at AOD 09. However, the trim is the wrong color and the buttons are off. The offical premire will be at Fanime 2009, but I really wanted to cosplay as Chrome for AOD and I pulled it off.

This costume will not be 100% complete when I wear it at AX this year. I'll be missing my proper eyepatch, belt, and shoe buckles which won't be arriving until after AX has come to an end. The official premiere for this costume will actually be 2009. This premiere is only a test run for when my sister and I pull together her Reborn! group at Fanime of 2009. So please be forgiving of the inadequacies and mistakes on what you see at AX 08. =_=;


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Character Chrome Dokuro


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