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This costume really took some support to work on. Especially since it's one of my first. X.X Over 80 hours of work, I suppose. ^^ Thanks to my dad, Muten, (here on! XD) I could make this. It was so much work. >.> He also took the pictures. ^^
I love wearing it, but putting it on is a hassle. ;.; Two hours of work to get it on, and to stay on is an entirely different problem. &gt;<"
But, I love being Zelda! Everyone always tells me I look like her, so I hope I did her justice. ^^
This'll take some time, but I thought some of you might want to know how it was made.
VEST-Y THING: Fabric (obviously), my grandmother made her own pattern for this and then sewed it for me. ^^ I painted on it with fabric or acryllic or the other. The back is all hooks and eyes which is a beast to get on. &gt;<" It always gets stuck in my hair. It already takes two people to help me get it on anyway.
DRESS: It was my Winter Formal dress.XD Then I painted the bottom part with gold fabric paint. My dad helped me make a stencil/stamp thing for the chain links. Then I painted them darker. The symbol things were done proportionally to the picture, and I drew it on a posterboard and sharpied it then put it under the dress and painted over top of it with a tint of silver fabric paint. (so I basically used it as a guide).
SHOES: I bought them at a department store for five dollars. XD They are the same ones I use for Sophie. ^^
ARMOR/BELT: It's craft foam with plastic covering it and then hot glue for the design. They also have rocks for the gems that I bought from a craft store. I used gold rub and buff on it, too. Oh and it's just gold spray paint on it. I have velcro arm things for the side ones and the others are all attached to the main bird thing by cotter pins and thread. Then there is key chain rings for the crystal bead things to hang off of with the flower wire bent into a cool design.
HEADPIECE: I was planning on doing it the same way as the armor but I had to use another piece of plastic and this one curled when hot glue touched it, so I had to put it on the back for support, leave the foam on top and do the designs with glue. Then I sprayed it with the spray paint, and put in flower wire to connect it. The gems are both ones I bought from Wal-Mart. XD And some rub and buff.
HAIR STUFF: I painted wood pieces white and used ribbon to wrap my hair. The back has a piece of black ribbon and wrapped with white as well. (it SHOULD be, at least). I used the spirit gum or whatever to keep it in the same place. And then I used a pipe cleaner to kinda thread my hair into the wooden piece because a hole is drilled through.
EARS: I bought them off of Ebay for around $20, they were AWESOME. That spirit stuff keeps them on.
EARRINGS: I borrowed them from my mom, and since there are pictures where she has red earrings and then some without them, I just glued a piece of red ribbon to each earring's back. Then I split them to give the IlLuSiOn that there was another earring...or something.
APRON KINDA THING: I used the same fabric as the vest and then I painted for hours. I think it was four or so. I just painted it with acryllics and then outlined it with sharpie. It's attached the the belt by cotter pins and thread.
GLOVES: I bought long formal white gloves from a jewelry store and then painted a shade of silver onto the gloves. Then I bought some silver ribbon and glued it to the top and painted with a shade of silver to give it a cool design.
LEMME THINK...I'm pretty sure that's all. If you'd like specifics then message me, and I'll try to help. ^^


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Princess Zelda
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