Gunner Yuna

Final Fantasy X-2



(AUG 2008)
- When i decided to start looking at this one as my newest project, i fell in love with it and searched for materials and such. Turns out that I owned some parts of this costume.

(put on hold because of school)

(NOV 2008)
- Bought the boots from a store in a local mall. they're amazingly perfect. ^__^

(DEC 2008)
- The Side skirt is actually a dress that i got from a thrift shop for a school skit. :P IT IS PERFECT!! I died it a gradient blue and added the lace.
- Made her side bag from scratch. Whoooot! Vinyl and buckles. Also made her pink hood.

(MARCH 2009)
- Made her shorts by altering a pair of jeans
- Yellow armbands made out of bright yellow vinyl

(APRIL 2009)
- The shirt was made from scratch. A little snip and sew here and there, and adding some lace to the bottom of the shirt and add the details. This was one of the more challenging parts because of the detail, and that stupid plunging neckline that had to be covered by a modesty panel.
- April 29th - GOT MY CONTACTS!!!!!
(MAY 2009)
- May 10th - First photoshoot with an almost complete Yuna
- May 22nd - debuted at AN


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Gunner Yuna


dragonflycos Lovely gunner!