This took me about four months to completely finish, totaling at least 240 hours. There are more than 2000 hand-sewn beads on her outfit, around the edges of the purple and gold trim along her bottom skirt and upper. I drafted the entire pattern myself, and it was one of the more tricky cosplays that I had done this for, with the way it had to be engineered. I made a wonderflex base that helped hold up her second skirt, since it sticks out from her hips and scoops up. The red jewels on her shoulder pieces and hat are all resin-casted. Everything is satin-stitched around the edges, and the design on her hat is also satin-stitched. Her staff is made from a mixture of PVC pipe, sturdy board, bottles, a christmas ornament and embroidery hoops to give it the right effect.

All in all, this was definitely one of my most difficult cosplays, but in the end it was worth it :) There are only a few Helba cosplayers out there, and I'm thrilled to be one of them!
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Kiichigo Wow! Why are there not more comments on this amazing cosplay?