Justkiwi as Alice


Odin Sphere

Cosplayer: Justkiwi
OH NO!! i forgot to put on my sleeves since i did the Alice in Wonderland Disney version right before these 2 pictures were taken (and so i changed parts of my outfit for Odin Sphere) before my photographer had to go home.. and i forgot Orz cos fail!!!!

but thanks agaaaain to Kagelump, i love how these photos came out : P

This costume was made (in denial of wanting to make my Kaguya) in the middle of summer with nothing to do- so i simply just started what costume i'd like to wear for halloween (though it isnt skimpy like most college girl outfits) but i like it : D

Started out with my Alice in Wonderland costume (then when i saw Crystalike as Velvet, Alice in Odin Sphere came on) and i became extremely interested :)