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This is a remake of my original Sailor V uniform. Trust me, this one is rocking so much harder! The wig has been used for several characters, I simply tied it into a half ponytail and clipped the bow in (yes I made the bow and used a clip from another bow to make it stay). I bought the earrings and painted them orange. The mask was made from craft foam, paint, elastic, and a set of shooting goggle lenses. The collar is fabric, foam and velcro. The shirt collar was redone twice before I liked it, the shirt is just fabric, a pin (painted), and I made the bow. The gloves are my Sailor Moon gloves with different trim. The skirt is fabric, bow sewn to the back, trim sewn to the bottom, and velcro to fasten it. The ankle straps are fabric and velcro, shoes were painted.


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor V


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