Xecty Ein (Zechty)

Shining Tears



I changed serveral times of character when Enaya started this group, because I liked a lot of outfits but I didn't know the characters. At that time, we didn't have pic of the 2nd outfit of Xecty. Then, I watched the anime and loved Xecty <333. So I decided to do her 2nd outfit :D.

The sleeves were horrible to do, I had a lot of problems with them 'cause I had no idea of HOW doing them, but they finally turned out not so bad. The brown-top was made very quickly so it's far from being perfect, but in the end I like this costume.

But on theses photos I don't have the good wig T___T a bought a friend's one but she wasn't able to come, so I had to use a old too-short wig instead (which saved me anyway xD).


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Series Shining Tears
Character Xecty Ein (Zechty)


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