Disney's Aladdin

I made this for my friend Nick as part of our Disney group at London Expo October 2007.Years later, it made an appearance at the Grand Cosplay Ball 2010!

It was one of these things which seemed a lot simpler at first than it turned out to be. I was happily thinking, yeah, black robe, easy...but after researching it realised it was a bit more complicated!

It was only after studying screenshots that I noticed the robe has red sections visible at the sides, so I started out by making a red undershirt with long wide sleeves using polycotton fabric. That shirt also has the "skirt" section of the black robe sewn to it, with the seam at the waist hidden by the red obi/belt. Both the red shirt and robe fasten with velcro. The skirt part of the robe was difficult since I was trying to economise on fabric - it's got a bunch of panels of help it flare out a bit and also a pleat at the back to fit in more volume.

I then went on to the main challenge: those shoulder points. I shaped them from Wonderflex (first time using it) and covered it in black fabric (a nice polyester twill). I needed to cut a shape of fabric which would cover the shoulder pieces and continue to form the front of the robe in one piece. I was worried about all that, but in the end it worked out first time! So that gave me the shoulder whatsits, and also the black top part of the robe (which again velcros closed). That goes on over the red shirt, and the ends of the black top are tucked into the obi. The obi is foam, covered in strips of red fabric for that wrapped-around effect, and the whole thing velcros at the back.

The shoulder armour thingies also have the cloak attached, which allow it to be held out from his actual shoulders. The cloak was nice and simple, black lined in red, a bit wider at the hem. It's shorter than in the references for practicality, so only just touches the floor - same goes for the black robe. The shoulder pieces stay on fine by themselves, but not so well with the weight of the cape, so there's a strap across the chest to help correct that.

It's all a bit complicated-sounded with all the different pieces attached in various ways, but effectively the red shirt with the bottom of the black robe sewn to it goes on first. Then the top of the black robe, which is attached to the shoulder armour bits and cape. The obi at the waist hides all the joins. He also wore a long sleeved black top underneath for the fitted sleeve parts which show at the wrists.

The shoes are a cheap pair of slippers from Primark which I covered with gold fabric. I had difficulty getting decent gold fabric, so it's super-shiny lining fabric, backed in spare suedette. The curly toes are supported with wonderflex (again...mostly because I didn't have any wire to hand, and it worked anyway!)

The hat/turban was especially difficult since I really wasn't sure how to go about it. Pressed for time, I relied on my new friend wonderflex. I started out with a cheap baseball cap with the visor removed, which formed a base. I hot glued strips of wonderflex to it, and curved them into a framework for the hat. To create a more solid base, and avoid using too much wonderflex, I used strips of duct tape and craft foam to fill the gaps between the plastic strips. Not ghetto at all. I could then cover it in fabric and have it keep its shape. The decoration is gold braid, and I found a suitable feather which was cut to shape. I had to sculpt a gem from fimo, paint and varnish it. To complete it, I made the fabric drape-y parts. The neck section is spare suedette I had, and it also acts as a chin strap to help balance the hat and hides the strap for the shoulder pieces/cape.

Nick made the staff himself, it's mostly papier-mâché built off an existing staff. The eyes also light up! The beard is crepe hair attached with spirit gum, thanks to Odangochan for that and both Takuropop and Odangochan for doing the make-up for the whole group.

Overall I'm pleased with the construction - almost everything was put together with French seams. I'm also happy with how well my first Wonderflex projects turned out.
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Series Disney's Aladdin
Character Jafar

Sephirayne Awesome Jafar. Great job.

zozo Oh, yes! Jafar, the most evil looking male disney villain xD Great job on the costume, why is it always so much fun seeing disney cosplay?