The Poring Emperor

Ragnarok Online



haha. a modified version of my previous Poring King costume. (I'll add that one too later).

Just added more bad ass weapons and armor. I added a Gaia Shield and a Immortal Blade based on Silk Road.

This is the mascot character of Ragnarok, the Poring, which is Gar-ed up for lols. it actually worked.

Color green is actually a poporing but they all fall under the Poring race anyway.

Poring Emperor is the defender of all poring kind. The perfect combination of Gar and Kawaii. Garwaii!

actually required math to create the body from rubber sheets. hehe. concentric circles formula. it worked to perfection.

made from rubber sheets. the weapons and the armor are LED lighted.


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Series Ragnarok Online
Character The Poring Emperor
Variant Custom


groknartheterro I gotta ask, how do you cut and shape the plastic sheets?

the_bram_bear Haha. double hot because i'm in a tropical country. hehe. but like my friend said, "dont let your well being get in the way of good cosplay! (you wont die anyway, right?)".

Naboo Omg, you must have suffered from the heat so much !!! =o

deka cute ;3;