Sora Takenouchi

Digimon Adventure 02



【"There are millions of kids like us in the world."】

Digimon has always been one of my favorite series, I watched it when I was younger.
And Sora was my favorite character! She is a very strong person and her sigh is love - I always wanted to be like Sora. xD

In season 02 she wears this green Sailor Fuku and I just had to make this costume.
I really like to wear it! But it was my first Sailor Fuku and so it looks a bit crappy. I am not satisfied with the result.

But it was fun wearing it! Much fun, together with my exboyfriend as Matt.
And I like my wig for Sora.
Now - I found some characters that I like more and so I'm going to sell my Sora cosplay and I will not wear it again.


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Series Digimon Adventure 02
Character Sora Takenouchi
Variant Schooluniform


Sakuraome so cute I love this character