Hanami as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman


Cosplayer: Hanami
I wanted to cosplay her for sooooo long cause I looooove wondr woman!!
She is so awesome and has such amazing collors on her costume ^_^
but I just could not find blue fabric with white stars on it XD
But finally I bought some blue stretch fabric and I just paited te stars on :P

I made everything my self ^_^ *wipididoe*

- I made he body : Damm those stars! I had to paint 5 coats and it still chines trough -_-
- The head, waist, breast and arm armors. :The arms are very badly done -_- so is the waist piece but I`m going to update it!
- The shoes : I god someold pumps and made the boots on top of them :P I only used super glue XD and the boots are still in one piece!! woehoe!!
- The cape : Easy part :P
- The rope : LOL But my gold paint was finished so I could nog finish it -_-

I loooove this costume and it fits so good exept for te top -_- I had to glue it on so it would not fall of XD XD

But I will update the costume soon! I cain`t wait ^_^ I`m going to try and do the hair good and get some blue contacts ^_^