Rinoa Heartilly

Final Fantasy VIII



Okay I’ll admit: I had never played FFVIII prior and originally chose her because it was a simple(r) outfit to make and she had a hair color close to mine. *gets shot* But after doing research on her character and the game, I found out that we had a scary lot of things in common, even down to the mannerisms.

That aside, this was also a pretty last minute costume, and not as simple as I thought it was going to be.

Duster: I couldn't find proper rib knit fabric ANYWHERE. Most of the places other people got theirs were sold out. I ended up using really inaccurate fabric (it's not even stretch) so adjustments had to be made for it to fit similar to hers. It still isn't as accurate as I'd like it and I'd really like to remake it eventually, but since there isn't anything actually awful about it, I'm calling it my "default" duster. Wings were hand painted on myself.

Shorts: Time and lack of skills with zippers meant zipper-looking trim hot glued to the shorts.

Armwarmers are acutal rib knit fabric courtesy of my mom who cut off arms from a turtleneck. However she feared the fabric would run after cutting, so she just tight-stitched it w/o elastic. Therefore it slides a lot. T-T


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Character Rinoa Heartilly


KittyKax Aww I Love Rinoa X3