Fairy Tail



This is the dress Mirajane wears on cover 14 from the manga.
It was hard to choose a character from fairy tail because they are all gorgeous, finally I decided making Mira because I thought I resembled her physically and we share some psychological features. Besides, she is one of the strongest females of fairy tail, and that's a plus!
I bought 3 and a half meters of that beautiful purple fabric that has a shiny face and an opaque face, which I used to make the different shades of the dress.
The petticoat was bought because the one I hand-made for my Chii in 3d land costume was no longer alive.
The top was made of 4 simmetrical pieces and a zipper at the back, gold parts were sewn on it and the pink fairy was hand sewn.
The skirt was a pain...it's made of two rectangle parts: top is 3 meters and bottom is 4 meters long to achieve the flare. Then I sewed a whole bunch of ruffles and sandwiched them between the two parts. Added a front ruffle (wich is not very well done due to the last minute rush).
The wrists were made from a rectangle and little ruflles, and the necklace is a 1 meter gray thick lace.
The wig was bought and the front ponytail styled.


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Series Fairy Tail
Character Mirajane
Variant Manga cover 14.


llewell It's so beautiful! Awesome job!

samtoenail How on earth did you not win an award or anything for this?!!?

Narnian Beautiful cosplay!

benitsubasa Real Mira)))I think that it's wonderful job:)

LelouDallas Awesome job! Beautiful Dress!

NicoNoa OMG precioso!! Me encanta tu cosplay . Muy buen trabajo ;)

carladawn How did this not get an award? It's beautiful!