East Kaioshin

Dragon Ball Z



Why did I choose this character:

Ones upon a time there was a user formally known as Kayoshin and...ok this is a long long story, but finally I did it!!! Finally I did Kaioshin cosplay!!! So enjoy pictures! ^_^

Making off:

This has been one of my most difficult costumes! Both for the dress and for the really complicated make up. The dress is made of lining since as a lot of times I had problems finding other kind of fabrics in the colors I needed. The dress is composed by a one piece overall with baggy trousers and big puffed sleeves. The overall opens on the back with an invisible zipper for an easy wear. For the dark blue-green jacket, which has been the most difficult part of all the dress is made with lining and light iron on stiffener to be in shape and trimmed with a red satin ribbon. For the pattern I used a cheongsam dress modifying the edge on the back part and making the front opening in two like a coat.
The boots is a pair of vintage red 80's pirate slouch boots who in my opinion are an exact copy of Kaioshin's ones.^^
For the face I used a professional theatrical make up with a very thin bald latex cap which is like a second skin and is fixed on my head with prosthetic. Pixie pointed ears are fixed too with prosthetic on my ears and also with fake eyelash glue. At the end I colored all my skin (face, neck and hands) with lilac aqua color. The mohawk has been glued on my latex bald cap and many thanks at Luka Naxukao who made it for me!!! Without his help this cosplay couldn't be possible! So THANKS again Luka!!!


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Series Dragon Ball Z
Character East Kaioshin
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Dadderface Awesome Supreme Kai! Really great job, I never thought I'd actually see someone do this.