Wei Zhijun

Darker Than Black

Wei is both gross and crazy, I definitely wanted to cosplay as him and my DtB group needed a villain so that was that.

Aside from making the pattern, this has to be the easiest cosplay I've made yet, but the simple, clean lines are nice.
Being creepy is also fun.

Construction: Both pieces were made from nice twill. The blue qipao is stretch twill and thankfully both pieces are easy to iron.

I drafted a changpao pattern based on that of a qipao. My tutorial to do the same is here:

As for the pants, I have a pattern I made a while ago and I keep reusing it. The pants have a back pocket, elastic comfort waist (heck yes-that's what I'm talkin' bout) and snaps at the ankles. Really, I bet you could even get away with white sweatpants, imagine the comfort?!

The black shoes are just kung fu shoes, directly from China, they were probably designed and tested by a kung fu master, no doubt, jk. I did slip in some insoles so I could be gellin', as walking on pieces of hard rubber/plastic covered in a thin layer of cotton ≠ comfortable con shoes.

Makeup: Nothing fancy, just the usual foundation and a small amount of eyeliner to define eyes but not make them girly.

Spfx: Wei... the only DtB character with elf ears. I got Aradani ears and custom painted them myself, because the Asian skintone is different from any of the 3 shades they offered "prepainted" ears in. Anyway, this was my first time using spirit gum and flesh latex. It's a time-consuming process but there is nothing very difficult about it. There are good tutorials on Aradani's site on how to apply and blend them.
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Series Darker Than Black
Character Wei Zhijun

Charubi Fantastic costume! Wei was one of those characters that I couldn't decide whether I liked or hated him, but I definitely thought he was awesome either way. Excellent job with the costume and the characterization in the photos! ^_^

~H~ Is it wrong for me to be attracted to you in this costume? ^_- Great job!

Erda he was my favourite in the anime. Really well done cosplay!