Eternal Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



It gave me, my boyfriend and friends a lot of work. I actually did nothing but to ask for help! XD Ok, I glued like 1/3 of the feathers, I made the brooch (that's why it stinks and gotta be remade) and designed the boots to be handmade. I also gave the ideas for making the odango and it's accessories! But the clothes were made by a tailor, and accessories were all handmade by my boyfriend Deki and my friend Nay (Sodenoshirayuki or queenshirayuki here, I don't remember which one). Also, my friend Julia helped, lending her own head for Deki to make the wig. XD
ooow, I feel kinda crappy for not having done everything by my own! T_T But then, this is a difficult cosplay, and I suck at handcrafting. Any questions, feel free to ask.


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Eternal Sailor Moon
Variant Tsukino Usagi


carladawn How cuuuute! You guys look amazing.