Chloé [Ceremonial Dress]




Unfortunately I don't have any good memories of this cosplay at all. .___.

Main reason for this was probably the (only) convention I wore this outfit to. It was a total disappointment. =__=" On top of it all I fell down some stairs thingy and skinned my knee bloody. So I hobbled around the convention with a handkerchief tied around my knee (I didn't get a band-aid) for the rest of the day. Didn't make this cosplay more of a success. :(

And anyway, there are still some details missing and the wig doesn't really have the right shade either. *sighs* Dress is made out of an old bed sheet from my mother (I bought her a new one in exchange) which had the right color. In rl the fabric has a light lilac color, exactly the shade Chloé has. But for some reason it looks blue in photos. =.=

I only wore this cosplay once anyway, since it .... disappeared for almost 2 years due to some circumstances. I only got it back some weeks ago, lol. I might pimp it and wear it again, since I actually like Chloé. We'll see if I ever get around to do it.


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Character Chloé [Ceremonial Dress]


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