Guelph Gryphon

Mascot of the University of Guelph

@Dart:Dense Boy
So I decided to make another mascot style costume for Halloween...a week before halloween. The costume itself came out incredibly well for having such little time to work on it, IMHO.

Head is wonderflex, some cotton batting and fabric, not alot to it actually. The beak moves with my mouth pretty well. All the feathers are just hot glued on, and the eyes/beak are painted and coated with clear nail polish.

Wings are felt with watered down white glue to make them solid. There is cardboard inside the top part just to make it more stables.

Tail is a piece of wire with cotton batting around it with fabric.

Shoes are just sneakers with foam on top and fabric.

Gloves were made with stretchy lycra/spandex, and the talons were glued into the finger tips. The talons are just some random plastic things I found at the dollar store then painted.

Shirt and pants weren't made but modified.

Super light to wear and pretty good vision.
@Dart:Dense Boy
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-Maxi- how you get in the costume can you make the video