Ryuk (Ryuuk Ryuuku)

Death Note



The book holster is complete. The chain is weak, and needs to be reinforced with picture frame wire before I can wear it with confidence.

I've obtained a suitable belt, I've cast the belt buckle and mounted a resin version. (I'd still love to mount the pewter version)

I got a headcast, sculpted the mask, made a negative in fiberglass.

The ornaments are all pewter, cast from silicone molds. The mask is Platsil Gel 10 silicone rubber (The same stuff used for the effects in X-Men). The teeth are acrylic and embedded into the mask. The eyes are prefab acrylic hemispheres. The staples are ACE bandage clips, embedded into the silicone, and clipped onto the shirt.

Blended makeup is Alcohol Activated Makeup combined with PAX around the eyes.

The wig will be a blend of human and synthetic hair punched into the mask directly. The feathers have been dyed, and will be similarly punched in place.

The outfit part of the costume is nothing special. In the first variant, it will be store-bought leather pants, a torn underarmour shirt.

I'm doing finger extensions, probably in acrylic, and brushed on black silicone for gloves...largely because I'm too lazy to sew.


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Series Death Note
Character Ryuk (Ryuuk Ryuuku)
Variant Blue/Grey


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