Bob Makihara

Tenjho Tenge

@Mahato Shey-Kun


Lets see... The Wig was annoying. It was expensive, and really, really long. Bob's dreads are only like neck length, but these were down to my stomach. So, cutting it was a must, but that was hard and caused the individual dreads to un...dread. Anyway, somehow I got that to work. The white bandana, nothing special there. The lip ring was fake, and I was amazed that I could find one. The school uniform, since I had no idea how to make one or had the means to get one made, I just bought a shirt and pants that looked close enough. All in all, I think it went pretty well for what I had to work with, and for a first-time cosplay, I can safely say its the best one.


@Mahato Shey-Kun
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Series Tenjho Tenge
Character Bob Makihara


Yue & Kya Yeaahhh Bob !! The class :]

Rael_Uchiha Awesome! You're the best Bob Makihara i've ever seen!

Trumble That is just amazing in every way BOB RULLLEZ