Freddie Mercury




On Queen's website, last September, a "Freddie-For-A-Day" Day was advertised, and, as a huge Queen fan, I HAD to get in on the action.

I was reluctant to make this at first, since I have virtually no sewing skillz, but the version of this costume I found online was ridiculously expensive if you counted shipping, and I didn't want to spend that sort of money for one day of Freddie-ness. (Plus, it only came in one size: not mine.)

So I put the idea on hold until I was visiting my grandmother one day and found yellow Mystery Fabric in her closet (she was once a seamstress.) I asked her if I might use it to make a jacket, and she said she'd help me.

Honestly, she did most of the hard stuff. I was left to drafting the pattern, cutting the strips for the straps, and adding the gold trim while she pieced it all together.
It's unlined at the moment, but I'd like to line it with yellow satin lining one day.
It's also very, very lightweight.

We totally forgot to sew shoulder pads into it. &gt;_<
But OH WELL! It worked well for Freddie For a Day Day.

(Though everyone totally thought I was Borat.)

The pants are white Dickies scrubs onto which I sewed red and gold ribbon. The shirt is just an old white undershirt.

The shoes (which you can't see in any of the pictures) are Skechers white wedge sneakers.


THE MAKEUP, however, was hilariously fun to do.
It took two hours, and my boyfriend was horrified, but it was SO much fun.
It did get a bit weird when a Queen song came on and I sang along while applying my makeup. I mean, it was Freddie's voice coming out of Freddie...but Freddie was ME.

Anyway, I love this just for the comic/epic value of the experience of being Freddie for a Day. <3


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Variant Live at Wembley outfit


Hasn't-a-name The musical god himself, holy crap is this amazing!!!!

EnigmaSphinx ...I love you. :3

emmisu I always see this costume as your forum avatar and explode laughing. Like every time you post lmao Great job!

ShortStuff The epic that you emanate in this costume is overwhelming. I love it so much.

paiige This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. I saw one of your posts, began to panic and yell, "IS THAT FREDDIE MERCURY?!" and had to check it out. You're my hero!

Pirogoeth05 That is so completely awesome and amazing!!! You make a great Freddie!!!

Flora88 Yaaaay! :D

Shifty Llama You are my hero for having done this!!!

Prisca712 yeah, I think this qualifies as a crowning moment of amazing for cosplay XD Bravo - it looks fantastic!

Flora88 Why, thank you!

Lin-Z This... is too awesome for words. Truly. I commend you. :'D

Flora88 I shall! Thank you very much! :D

shinitama Oh, my Lord. XD This is all sorts of epic, right here. WEAR THAT MUSTACHE WITH PRIDE. ;D