Final Fantasy XI

I'm never making ruffles again. >.>

The fabrics are a mixture of satin, cotton, polyester, lace, and tulle. There is nearly a yard and a half of ruffles on the top and skirt.

The earring is made out of jeweler's clay. The hair piece (minus the feathers), belt ornaments, shoulder guards, and daggers are all from craft foam. The shoulder guards are attached with Velcro so the top can be easily washed and stored. The bangles are wood that have been painted and wrapped into the gloves. The gloves and ankle socks are stretchy dance material.

I hope to have better pictures up after Anime Fest (aka, I didn't set my point and shoot camera on an auto-timer and place it on the table as I run to the spot before the flash went off, photo).

For a reference point, since FFXI is one of the least cosplayed of the Final Fantasy series, this is Lilisette:

September Update: Back from AnimeFest. Still scouring the internet for pictures of the Final Fantasy shoot. I'm surprised that only 2 people have posted pictures. There were a lot of cameras there. Even without my glasses on, there were a lot of flashes of cameras going off. >.> If anyone has pictures, please let me know! I've uploaded a small amount that I was able to find.
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Series Final Fantasy XI
Character Lilisette
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