King of Fighters XI



This costume was a very sudden, yet very good, idea.
My boyfriend decided to cosplay Ash Crimson from King of Fighters XI. This was his 'Saturday' arrangement for his conventions this year (to which I would be going as well). I orginally had another costume planned, but this costume would have to be 50% commissioned and would wind up to be around $300. I began looking through artwork on Creative Uncut after playing several fighting games with my boyfriend. As I was looking through King of Fighters XI, I saw a character who slightly resembled me and wore a cute, bubbly outfit. I decided on this costume nearly immediately.

The following day, Good Will had a rack full of brand new white sweatpants (rejects from a store that were never bought or worn). I bought a large pair for Momoko and a pair for another costume.

The ribbon is hot pink satin ribbon from Michael's during a ribbon sale.

The beads on the ribbon at the base of the pants were created from Model Magic. I used an old glow necklace and strung the beads on it to make a 'bead' shape while they were drying.

The shirt was cut from the bottom of an XXL tshirt. It was sewn at the top to create a clean line, then hemmed on the sides to create the 'Momoko' fit - snug at the top and wavy at the bottom.

Pictures will follow soon. [7/17/10]


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