Talho Yuuki

Eureka Seven



so Eureka 7 is an amazing series. i first started watching ti because my friend recommended and wanted to cosplay eureka. so i ended up watching and fell in love with the show. i did talho because she is beautiful and awesome, and plus i love love holland and was hoping i would find some holland cosplayers for pics.

andyway, this costume was very fun to wear and make. i used cotton fabric for all if it, so s\that i could make custom dyed colors. i tried to be as accurate as possible, and i feel like i did pretty good.

the hardest part with this costume was just wearing it, because i lost a little wait so the skirt was slipping down a bit, and the fact i am not too busty :( but i tried


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Series Eureka Seven
Character talho yuuki


noonescabbage Everything looks so well constructed, I especially love the boots!