American Gladiators



I saw Hellga and I was like YES!!!!! I happened to find shiny jean material on uber clearance and I was like YES! I found the top and I was like YES! I re-purposed and wig and I was like YES! Then I embroidered the patch on my sewing machine for hours and I was like NOOOOOOOOOO! :D

It was just a silly costume. I really had fun making it. The patch was definately the part that had the most work. Everything else was made in one sitting. I did have to buy wefted extensions fo the wig since it is in pigtails. I was going to forgo it since it was just one of those on a whim costumes, but nah. I put the wefts in and then did the fishtail braid.


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Series American Gladiators
Character Hellga


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