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My interest in D.Gray-man started by seeing some D.Gray-man cosplayers at Fanime 2006. I decided I had to make one of those uniforms for myself. So I did.

It was going to be a quick & easy thing to knock out between Fanime & AX. But I ended up putting more work into it than I planned. As a result, it was barely done for AX, but I think it turned out very well. It's the closest of any costume I've constructed to the image I had in my head of what the final product would look like.

Of the male characters, Kanda is my favorite, but with Cross I could keep my glasses on. As a perk, I get to abuse Alan Walker cosplayers :)

Due to not only adding a wig, but facial hair and covering half my face, I find it amusing how many people completely don't recognize me. (Including my flatmate who I've lived with for ~4yrs, who saw me working on the costume.)

Various notes:
* The base pattern for the coat is just the Simplicity pattern for the Matrix Neo Duster. I had to make a few fitting adjustments, but overall it simplified the pattern design process a lot. (for most of my prior costumes, I designed the patterns from scratch)
* The white leather parts are real leather.
* On the upper back, the vent is black fake leather, left over from my Claus Valca outfit. The vent opens up, but unfortunately don't seem to let much of any air in.
* I made the hat twice. After AX07 I re made it with stuffer cardboard inside as well as wire so it keeps its shape better.
* The goatee is crepe wool applied with spirit gum.
* The "shirt" cuffs are actually attached to the cuff of the coat. I'm really wearing short sleeves.
* The mask is urethane plastic resin with leather wrapped over it.
* The Timcampy in some of the pictures is not mine. It's Chuwei's.


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Cross Marian
Variant v1 Uniform / manga coloring


Vilkäl Absolutelly awesome! Best Cross Marian ever, you look just like the character. clap clap clap

mystaya171 Good match on the color of the wig and crepe wool of the goatee. I couldn't tell that it was fake from the pictures. I really like the detail you've put into this costume. The only thing that bothers me is the fit of the mask. I think it needs to fit closer to the face to look correct, but I'm not sure how that would work with it fitting over the lens of your glasses. Do you have a final cost?