Yuuko / Yuko Ichihara




This is the second time I'm attempting this costume.. It looked horrible the 1st time, but now that I know what I'm doing, it's quite a lot better...

The costume still isn't 100% done.. I didn't have time to finish the hair accessories.. But, they'll be done in time for Anime North, where I hope to enter the masquerade.


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series xxxHolic
Character Yuuko / Yuko Ichihara
Variant Dimensional Witch


kuroi_shi .. White things? .. Do you mean the designs? .. Those are done with double sided interfacing, and a zigzag stitch =)

Wicked_Lovely I've seen a lot of these costumes and you are in the top 2 , in my opinion. Brava!~ Now I have to ask, HOW DO YOU DO THOSE WHITE THINGS? Sorry , just so confused.