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I made my first version of this costume for Otakon '07, and it turned out alright (starting to make both Saber and Archer with props 7 days before the con was a terrible idea). The armor for the belt and back was my least favorite part on the whole costume, and I still haven't gotten it quite right. The pants were also a major point of displeasure for me b/c his belts that go down his legs were very difficult for me to make at 3am in the hotel room (terrible planning).

The 2nd rendition of this costume came for Anime Boston '08. I completely redid the swords and spent several hours perfecting the edges and other details. Instead of fighting with his very confusing pant/boot thing (how does he take his shoes off???) I opted to tweak the design slightly and use knee-high boots with buckles all down the front. Honestly, though not completely like the original, these boots felt much more like something Archer would actually wear than those weird pants things. Sadly, I still was unable to perfect the armor for Boston, though I am making strides towards greater accuracy.

I have not yet retired this cosplay b/c I feel like there is still more I can do to perfect it, though for the time being I will set it aside and focus on other costumes to build my experience level. (Woodworking definitely leveled up on this one!)


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hakusho112 how did you do the metallic armor look on the black shirt?