Kaya Syokka (Gypsy Queen)

Trinity Blood



Twelve miles of trim o/~

Latest update: As of Fanime 2012: all the lace is finally on that darned skirt. Arrows are attached to the wimple (but nowhere else yet, since good spray-painting weather has not been forthcoming). Next up: MORE ARROWS and setting about a trillion grommets? Maybe in ten years this will actually-actually be entirely done. XD

- Five miles of white fabric (more accurately, about thirty yards when all was said and done). White cotton twill for the habit and bloomers, white acetate taffeta for the petticoat, sandwashed white cotton for the underskirt, and white cotton drapery interlining, light muslin, and more twill for the lining.
- White cotton sateen for the bias tape, dyed with a combination of four different blue fibre-reactive dyes. There's twenty-seven yards of bias tape in the whole thing, give or take a few inches.
- White rayon venise lace, dyed in the same dye bath as the sateen for consistency of colour. Two different kinds, and I don't remember yardage save for "a lot". The one row currently laid down clocked in at seven and a half yards, and I haven't measured the others.
- Primary rosary is round beads of carnelian and oval sterling silver beads, linked together with 18g silver-plated wire. The shield and the rosary cross were sculpted, molded, and then cast using resin, then painted with Liquid Leaf, antiqued, and sealed. The cross is set with carnelian cabochons.
- "Belt bling" contains cloisonne bead caps and beads of carnelian, dyed fossil stone, silver-plated brass and pewter, assembled on AccuFlex wire strands. The drops at the end are carved carnelian and horseshoe nails with silver-plated wire.
- Wig's an extra-long curly one from an eBay seller, styled with heat and hairspray and some bobby pins, and likes to run away from my scalp. I dread the day it tangles. T_T The front pieces were heat-straightened with a hair dryer and then wrapped with 1/4" silk ribbon acid-dyed red. The two daisy hairpins were made by disassembling fake flowers and gluing them down piecewise onto a pair of silver hairpins. (The ALA photos are pre-wig.)
- Armband: red rayon velvet for the backing, laid down over a piece of stiff felt to give it some shape, backed and buckled with off-white suede leather (not my first choice, but what I had on hand). The bling is wonderflex covered with modge podge, gesso, and several colours and kinds of paint, and attaches with industrial velcro. The dangle isn't attached yet since I have to sew the fabric strip and assemble the framing at the end, but will be more velvet, resin, glue, dimensional fabric paint and wood filler for shimming, and a whole ton of paint again.
- New shoes are ballroom dance Mary Janes, low-heeled. I love the boots I've got for this cosplay, but I can't wear them more than fifteen minutes without my feet trying to kill me, so the plan is ultimately to rebling them and break those out for any photoshoots, and otherwise keep the ballroom shoes. I like being able to walk, kthxbai.
- There's lots more, but I'll babble as I get things done. Wonderflex, magnets, gesso, different kinds of paint, grommets, boots, leather paint, and cursing. Lots and lots of cursing. Trinity Blood rather mandates that, I think.


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Series Trinity Blood
Character Kaya Syokka (Gypsy Queen)
Variant habit


Sephirayne Lovely outfit. Great job on it. Love the photos.

komichuu You made such a beautiful Sister Kaya. :)