Yiko01 as Yuko



manga 5 dress

Cosplayer: Yiko01
I love this costume it took me about 6 months to finish. I made every thing down to the corset, and I did not use a pattern on any of it; I like to make my own. There are about 6 layers to the costume and yes I was warring it in the mead of summer.... will never do agen but I love how it came out. The hat I bought but the bird I made I had to dye all the feathers individually the get the right color and then I made the bird with foam and hot glued all the feathers on one by one and cutting them to size. The umbrella I ripped of the original top and made my own and attached it then painted it. There so ,mush detail that I can go on and on but just look at the pictures and you can see what I did. But I can tell you this I em very tired of ruffling ..... lol *^^*