Yuki Eiri




Having cosplayed Shuichi for a while now, I've discovered a desperate lack of Yuki Eiri cosplayers. So. Yeah. That's my logic here. XD (The irony is that the moment I put on this costume, all the Shuichi cosplayers seem to vanish.)

The wig is the Roni in H24/613 - beautiful highlights. I really lucked out on this color choice. This is basically a closet cosplay - although I had to shop around before I found the perfect pieces. The pants and boots and both from my Charden cosplay. The cigs are fake, purchased from a Halloween shop. For professional shoots, I'll probably be using real ones. (EDIT: Yeah, menthols. They smell like death, haha.)

FYI: Real cig smoke doesn't really show up in pics. XD


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Series Gravitation
Character Yuki Eiri


Anonosity DGFHDSJGFKDS. As a fellow Shuichi, YES~!! AN /ACTUAL/, /NOT/ HALF ASSED EIRI. -bleeds-

LadyKiko I love your Yuki cosplay! The places were you took the pictures look a lot like the anime!