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One day, Hee-Hee and I were sitting on the couch and she says, "You know... I've always wanted to be Sora." So then I said, "Really? I've always kinda wanted to try and do Donald!" And thus-- these costumes (and skit) were born! I adore Donald, he's an amazing character and I had a blast making this costume.

Especially my duck-butt. It was insanely soft. :)

There was a lot of trial and error with this costume, especially for the "duck-butt" and the hat. The staff was actually made by my boyfriend for my 22nd birthday, which was a few days before the convention! Pretty nifty. :)


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Series Kingdom Hearts
Character Donald Duck


Hee-Hee Your icon is the best icon to have ever icon'd.

shotzgoboom Whoa, hey! Thanks so much for the comment! I love your work (and your sister's. You two make a great team!) I've always really admired this costume--I don't play Kingdom hearts, but I loved what you did with this, and thought it was so creative!

Giuly_Chan Donald is my favourite character in KH, you did and AMAZING job with this costume *_* Everytime I see a photo of this in the main page, my eyes sparkle XD And yep that duck-butt seems so soft *_* (XD)

Zero_Wires Definitely a favorite for me. Simply amazing!!

LadyDelaidra That is one amazing costume! O___O <333

KelseyKetchum Hi! Such an amazing costume ;A; I was wondering how you made your wand? I'm planning to do a Donald cosplay sometime in the future and am having trouble figuring out the best way to go about it ):

TrueChaos1 how long did this take to make AMAZING

Chinako Wonderful! I love the details and design. You make a fantastic Donald and your group is one of the best Kingdom Hearts groups I've seen yet. Great work!

juujuu_pop This is a SUPER cute costume!

Ansatsusama AMAZING Donald!!


Sender_of_war I definately love this cosplay and the goofy ones. I'm so sorry to never see them in a con. (you should come to spain :D) Great work!

WildSpice Very nice job, I watched the skit on Youtube, it was AMAZING!

tifaia Best interpretation of Donald Duck that I have seen. You and your Goofy win, hands down.