The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword



Yes, though we don't know much about this mysterious girl from the teaser 2010 poster (she could be the spirit of the Master Sword), I decided to cosplay her because I'm a fan of Miyamoto's beautiful games. Watch the video:


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Character Fi


Narnian Gorgeous cosplay! You did an amazing job!

Zymod Awesome costume!! :D i cant wait to play the game. Her name is Phi by the way, according to zeldawiki ^^

UtauMelody0104 the game isn't even out yet,but yet you did a beautiful job!this personally makes me anticipate the release even more so i may see more beautiful cosplays like this one.^^

HimeZelda You did an amazing job!

linksliltri4ce Supposedly she's called Adelle and she's the human form of the Skyward Sword (which becomes the Master Sword) according to and the E3 2010 conferences today.... BTW - I really love your costume!!! lol =)

Zouziias And you did a fabulous job! :D Ooooh! Your cosplay is making me so excited for this game. And I got to say, the gem in the middle is really nice.