DieForHonor as Suzaku Kururugi

Suzaku Kururugi

Code Geass

military uniform

Cosplayer: DieForHonor
my friends and i are possibly planning a code geass group, i do have a lelouch, gino, c.c cosplays and suzaku normal and knight of round version. but im completely in love with the military outfit ^^; (the brown/orange colored one) so to be honest..im planning to do it.. ive always wanted to make it..so now i have an excuse XD im just worried about getting the color of material correct ^^;

i like suzaku in the series (hes just a little too emo at times >>) but hes adorable..but i loved him more within the 'counterattack of suzaku' so ^^ and i seen this uniform once again in it and i was in love with it once more...so shall i do it?