Lisa Garland

Silent Hill

Finally finished! This was made in a grand total of 2 days and the construction was rushed as hell as a result of it...the dress will at least serve as a rough pattern for my 0 Lisa and parasite nurse dresses. The dress itself is made from scratch, though I foolishly reversed the pocket on the chest/thigh so the badge/SP band are also mirrored. Since her hair is asymmetrical and the wig could only be parted one way I could not un-mirror my mistake sadly...
The pumps were bought, the sweater was cut apart and remade. The SP band/badge were made from satin and the trim was made from a pretty suiting fabric while the letters were fashioned out of liquid lame. The hat is also made from the ground up, which I found to be the most annoying part of the whole costume :( The earrings are handmade, and I cut/styled the wig.
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Series Silent Hill
Character Lisa Garland

Vego_REbel You look like the silent hill origins version of lisa, awsome!