Zero no Tsukaima



My friend *Kai* convinced me to cosplay as Tabitha after a very interesting conversation. I only consented to the costume after finding out that she had a giant staff. She knew my weakness, I can't turn down a good prop.

Costume is a variety of store-bought garments that were altered. The pentagram pendant is one of those sliding mover feet thinggies for furniture, glasses are from Joann's dollar bin.

The staff is made out of construction-grade yellow pine, a plank that was originally 6ft by 2in by 12in. I cut out the basic shape, then hand planed the edges for a more rounded feel and appearance. It was then stained with Minwax. The staff's question mark broke when unpacking the car, but was salvaged by the power of hot glue :)

The book, Structural Equation Modeling, is about fancy statistics in the social and behavioral sciences.


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Character Tabitha


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