NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams



Wow, this costume... heh. I made it back when I was still a n00b at sewing, so there is a TON wrong with it. The whole thing just SCREAMS bad craftsmanship. But, I adore NiGHTs, but the original and the Wii games, and I really, REALLY wanted to cosplay him. So I did. And it really sucked. xD I've worn the costume a total of three times, and now that it's falling apart I think it's time to put it away. I wanted to get some nice photos of it before I retired it, so thanks, MiKE, for all the great pics!


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Series NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Character NiGHTS


Hakubi Michi lvoe it! so adorable!

Yamia Ishtar A new NiGHTS cosplayer!!! :D I don't care what you say, this cosplay is totally kick-ass!!! I'm loving the hat and everything! I made my NiGHTS cosplay when I was a n00b at sewing too, but everyone still loved it. And I love yours too! Do you mind if I send these into the NiGHTS into Dreams fansite? We'd love to feature your cosplay there! The NiGHTS cosplayer in me is demanding to know where you live. XD